1. You feel overwhelmed by stuff!
    Stuff everywhere – clothing bursting out of drawers, knick knacks jammed onto shelves, enough dinner wear to feed an army – it’s overwhelming!

  2. You can’t find what you need when you need it
    Where is that darn corkscrew or your phone charger? If you can’t find the things when you need them, you could benefit from a minimalist lifestyle.

  3. You want to make room for what is important in your life.
    Getting rid of some of your literal baggage can make room for what is important in your home – and your headspace.

  4. You want to keep your home clean and clutter-free.
    Heaps of possessions, goods and things can all add up to a dusty, messy and confusing jumble. Minimising your lifestyle can keep your home tidier, easier.

  5. You want to highlight the items that you love the most.
    All of those possessions can feel and look good at the outset, but over time they can actually have the opposite effect by drawing attention away from the things you love the most.

  6. You want to prioritise your family and friends.
    Rather than spending hours each day wading through your clutter, if you minimize your possessions you can focus on the people that you love.

  7. You care about the environment.
    Consumer goods may provide buyers with a momentary rush, but this positive feeling often clouds an insidious reality – harmful emissions, poor labour practices in the developing world, and a mountain of waste and plastic.

  8. Your inner life is very important to you.
    If you want to feel calm, balanced and imbued with a sense of wellbeing, meditation, yoga and leading a minimalist life can help you to achieve this.