About Us

We love clean, stylish, high quality minimalist watches that don't break the bank. As well as bringing the most desirable minimalist watch brands to one roof, we have also created our own - our M1 Series minimalist watch offers high quality design and build for every-day wear. We offer a simple shopping experience and deliver worldwide. 

Who is a minimalist?

The minimalist is one who seeks freedom from excess, bombardment, information overload and overwhelm - liberated from these distractions we can connect with the true essence of things.

Who are we?

Minimalist Watches is the creation of London-based designers Jason and Gee. We found that in crafting work that is made more functional through simplicity, minimalism became a common aspiration. Minimalism spilled into our lifestyles and became a part of our identity. Finding a watch that fulfilled our need for minimalism at a reasonable price, however, proved difficult so we decided to launch our own line of watches for like-minded minimalists.

Our mission

To provide exquisitely simple and reasonably priced timepieces for every minimalist alike, becoming the leading source for minimalist watches.